Lead Generation and Conversion Optimization Masterclass (Malaysia - 2nd of October 2019)

Experience the most hands-on training experience live and Explode the number of qualified leads in your business and convert them into paid customers faster than ever before!

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Generate More Qualified Leads for your business that are ready to buy Today

Use the latest advanced Facebook ads Strategies that are working today

Use Messenger, Email, and Re-targeting Campaigns to explode your conversions

Premium Intensive Training Experience like No Other!

When you get enrolled in our Masterclass program, you will get a premium learning experience that will get your more qualified leads and customers to explode your business results in just a few months!

Live Labs

Use everything you're learning within the class on your business and get personalized feedback!

3+ hours of Online Videos

Get access to self-paced videos on the tools and technologies explored live in detail for lifetime!

Prestigious Certification

Attend the class and finish your live projects, and get a certification from a global certification body

Premium Support

Whenever you feel stuck, you can always ask us questions and receive answers from our digital marketing experts!

Personalized Experience

Before you start the masterclass, you'l submit your business info to the instructor so we can make sure that you get the best value out of this


Exclusive Templates for Faster Results

Get access to exclusive email templates and campaigns that are ready to customize and get live in just a few mins!

Different plans that fit every need!

Whether you want the standard class with all the projects and materials that come with it, or you prefer a more premium experience that almost guarantees that you get the best results out of this course, there would be an option for you!

Unrivaled Course Content in an Intensive Class Schedule

Discover the latest and most powerful new strategies to get thousands of qualified leads into your business and learn the secrets only the Pros know on how to convert quickly to get results fast!

Day 1: Plan

In the first day of our masterclass, you will learn the most powerful lead generation strategies working today that will help you set up your own strategy in-class for your business for super fast results. 

You will also get: 

  • Your Lead generation blueprint that will help you generate thousands of qualified leads for your business consistently 
  • To learn the latest strategies implemented in lead generation today  
  • A checklist of what you need to do and implement to guarantee your success 
  • To set concrete goals and KPIs for your business and sales team 
  • Live feedback on your plan and strategy from an expert instructor 
  • And much more! 

Day 2: Create

On the second day of this masterclass, you will get to build and create all the marketing assets that will help you flood new leads and customers into your business every month. 

You will also: 

  • Learn the best types of lead magnets working today 
  • Create a fully functioning quiz for your audience that will help you get viral 
  • The most common mistakes to avoid when creating your own lead magnet 
  • How to use Design tools to get the best out of your lead magnets and impress your audience 
  • And much more! 

Day 3: Generate

In the 3rd day of this intensive training, you will get to know how to use your website, facebook ads, and messenger ads to get more qualified leads than you ever dreamt of! 

You will learn: 

  • How to optimize your website for maximum conversions 
  • The 7 design rules that take your website lead generation to the next level! 
  • How to install Facebook Pixel and create custom conversions 
  • How to create custom audiences and look-alike audiences that actually work 
  • How run different lead generation campaigns on Facebook (step-by-step) 
  • How to run messenger marketing campaigns to explode your lead generation through maximum engagement 
  • And more! 

Day 4: Nurture

The fourth day of our masterclass, we’ll be focusing on priming your new leads for buying from you quickly through establishing trust and maximizing engagement 

You will: 

  • Learn how to use custom audiences for maximum engagement on Facebook and Instagram 
  • Learn to use email sequences to prime your audience for buying 
  • Get access to the Pro Marketer’s Templates for email marketing sequences to customize them and be ready to publish in a matter of minutes! 
  • Learn how to run advanced marketing campaigns with messenger marketing (and ManyChat) on autopilot!  
  • And more! 

Day 5: Close

In the final “closing” day, we’ll go through how to close your leads quickly and seamlessly while getting the best out of your marketing budget. 

You will: 

  • Learn how to optimize your Checkout for conversion to make sure you don’t have a leaky process 
  • How to use advanced retargeting techniques with Facebook and Google’s GDN 
  • How to close with email sequences that are irresistible for your leads 
  • Learn how you can use messenger marketing to convert your leads on autopilot 
  • Create upsell and cross-sell offerings that increases your order value 
  • And more! 

Learn to use the latest tools and technologies in Digital Marketing

Bonus 1: Personalized Feedback on Your Business

For the first time ever, we are offering support like never before! Our expert instructor will give your feedback every time you apply what you learn on your business to make sure your apply things correctly!

You'll be able to:

  • Apply everything you're learning in your business live in-class
  • Get your work reviewed by our expert instructor and get customized feedback live

Bonus 2: Access to Digital Marketing support for an entire year!

Put everything you learned throughout the program together in easy-to-follow detailed tutorials to finish your capstone project and have it for showtime to impress employers everywhere!

You'll be able to:

  • Ask any questions after you implement the latest lead generation and conversion optimization strategies
  • Get to receive answers from our expert digital marketing team to help you apply those strategies and fix any issues you have in a private personalized way

Bonus 3: Content Updates For An Entire Year!

Digital Marketing is a fast-moving field with technology improving and evolving constantly. That's why we are giving you access for future content updates (especially when it comes to the strategies and features available on the different platforms) for free for an entire year!

You'll be able to:

  • Learn the latest technologies and tools used in digital marketing before anyone else
  • Access new videos and content so you can start applying right away in your own business

Bonus 4: Free Monthly Consultation (Only with Premium)

Get a consultation and audit for your business and campaigns on a monthly basis for an entire year with your masterclass to ensure you get the best results out of this!

You'll be able to:

  • Get your campaigns and digital marketing audited by our digital marketing team!
  • Receive hyper personalized advice live on your consultation call on what would work for your business
  • Get answers to your questions live from our expert team!
  • And much more!

Bonus 5: Access to our Full CDM Program (Only with Premium)

With our premium masterclass package, you will also get access to our full online self-paced comprehensive digital marketing program that covers areas like web analytics, search ads, social media, YouTube marketing, and more!

You'll get access to:

  • 15+ hours of self-paced digital marketing videos about every topic imaginable!
  • 15 practical projects to apply everything you're learning in your business right away!
  • 1 exam voucher for Certified Digital Marketer (CDM) Certification exam
  • 3 practice exams
  • and more!

Pricing Options

Transform the way you do business and dominate your market with quality leads and more conversions than ever before!

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Price is set to increase to $800 very soon!

5 days of full training on the latest tools, technologies and strategies

+5 practical projects to work on within the class

Professional Certification upon completion of projects

Bonus 1: Personalized Feedback on Projects

Bonus 2: Digital Marketing Support for a year

Bonus 3: Content Updates for an entire year!

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Early Bird Price


Price is set to increase $1,200 very soon!

Everything in Standard, Plus:

Monthly One-on-One Consultation Calls with our expert team for an entire year! (worth $1,200)

Access to our full Online Digital Marketing Program (CDM) - worth $699

Access to 15 projects in Digital Marketing + professional CDM Certification

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to have 3 or more members of your team attend this masterclass, we can offer a special discount for them.

Please contact [email protected] to get all details.

This masterclass is for those who want to transform their business by creating a consistent stream of qualified leads that are automatically nurtured and converted into paid customers faster than ever before!

Those could be small/medium business owners and their marketing team, marketing professionals working big or small companies, freelancers who want to transform their clients' businesses, and anyone else who are looking to achieve more leads and conversions in their business!

Generally speaking, if you're not willing to apply everything you're learning within the class in your business right away, then you should probably skip this one.

This masterclass is specifically made for doers and practitioners who are ready to transform their businesses

This class assumes no prerequisite knowledge as it's a detailed step-by-step class on how to use the latest tools, technologies and strategies even if you haven't these tools before! 


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